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We employ a 3-hour minimum.

At the move-out location, we can generally remove artwork, TVs and ACs. But at the move-in location, we cannot make a hole in the wall, hang artwork, install AC's, hang TVs, etc. We can do that with you approved and for extra charges. Depending on the complexity of the work.

Probably not. Our estimates are comprised on Travel time, time and surcharges. While the travel time and surcharges are fixed, the time will be determined by how long it takes to move you and charged accordingly. Also, our estimates do not reflect charges for materials, COIs, Tolls, Parking, Gratuities.

Yes, our tracks are full stocked with heavy duty moving blankets which are included in our rates.

Yes, but we will not be responsible for delicate plants that are not meant to be moved.

We love them, but animals are your responsibility to transport.

Yes, but better for you to move these things.

No, DOT prohibits licensed movers from offering discounts.

No, we have no facility for disposing of trash. Upon completion of the move, we will bag the trash (paper, tape, boxes, etc) and place it within the building as directed.

No, we are not equipped for cleaning.


Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Chase Quickpay, Checks and Credit or Debit Cards.

If you think that item(s) are missing, wait until you unpack all of your items before reporting items missing. Nine times out of ten - things show up. Plus, we require customers to check and sing off confirming that none of their belonging were left either at the load location(s) or on the truck.

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